About Us

Describing Douglas Baptist Church

We’re ordinary people following Jesus together!

We are ordinary people: The kingdom of God is made up of ordinary people who are called to follow an extraordinary King; Jesus Christ. We don’t believe that the emphasis of our worship should be on man-made, human traditions and authorities. We also see in the Bible that Christ’s Kingdom is open to all sorts of people from all sorts of ages, backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. God does not show favouritism and neither should we.

We’re following Jesus: We want our focus to begin with Jesus and to end with Jesus. We are Christians – “Christ’s ones” – we belong to Him and we want to follow Jesus and apply what He taught.

We’re following Jesus together: Believers are not meant to follow Jesus alone; we’re called to belong as His people together; caring for each other and following Him. We are a Christian church in Douglas – a local gathering of believers – a small part of Christ’s body around the world.

We are a Bible believing Church: We believe that the whole of the Bible is the Word of God. We want to base our practices and lives around the truth that God has revealed in the Scriptures. This means that we are an evangelical church; focused on the good news about Jesus, focused on personal trust in Jesus and on trusting in the complete atonement that Jesus has promised to all who put their trust in Him.

We are a Bible teaching Church: When we meet together; the reading and teaching of God’s Word takes a central place in our meetings.

We are called to represent Jesus: We know that our lives aren’t everything they ought to be; but we know that God is changing us as we continue to follow Jesus as His disciples. We are called to be people who are outreaching, caring and inviting others to learn from Jesus and to follow Jesus. We are to do this motivated by God’s love. Jesus calls His disciples to make disciples of others.

We are a local church: We are committed to being a local church in Douglas that is serving the community of Douglas. We want our church to have an impact in: Douglas, Cork, Ireland and around the world. We also want to be a church-planting church that starts new local churches in the communities around us as the Lord enables.