60 Days Bible Reading

Days 1-30

Days 31-60

Some pointers on reading:

This reading challenge is not meant to be flashy. It’s really very basic and straightforward.

What we hope to do together.

Simply read the next day’s Bible reading from Monday – Saturday (6 days a week) for the coming weeks, til we finish all of the 4 Gospels, Acts and 2 Thess. 

Develop a fruitful Habit:

Studies indicate that it takes 3-4 weeks of doing something daily to develop a lasting habit. If you manage these 60 days; hopefully, you can develop a Bible reading habit that continues after the 60 days. It’s an extremely simple and repeatable process.

Good habits can help to save us from complacency and apathy in the patterns of our lives.

To develop a habit; have a plan and then, stick with the plan:

Same place. Same time. Same etc.

  • Same quiet place. – Where are you going to do this?
  • Same time – When will it fit well every day as a habit?
  • Same stuff – Bible, reading plan, headphones? etc. All together in the same easy to find place.
  • Reminder? It may help to put a daily reminder in your phone to get you started at the right time each day.

For some of us; it may help to listen as we read. I do recommend using a hard copy Bible for these readings. There are many helpful Bible apps and websites that provide easy access to Bible audio.

For example:
biblegateway.org The Bible app – YouVersion.

If you fall a day or two behind… Don’t panic & don’t quit. There’s no guilt in this. Just pick up your Bible the next day and try to get going again. This is for personal growth, not for rigid structure keeping. If you fall a few days behind; just try to get going again.

When things don’t seem all that exciting as you thought they’d be – keep going!

So — Go on! Take up the challenge – challenge someone else to do it with you and keep in touch to see how the reading is going and what you’re learning.

Come On! Let’s do this Together!